3 Great Tips To Remember When Designing Your Own Custom T-Shirts

If you're looking to get into the clothing industry, you should seriously consider making your own custom t-shirts. It doesn't have to be as complex as it seems given the innovative printing methods available today. So that you're happy with the end result of your custom clothing, utilize these tips. 

1. Develop a Concept 

For your custom t-shirts to sell effectively, you need to develop a concept for them. Only then will you have some direction as far as selecting graphics and a color scheme. As a starting point, think about why you're making t-shirts. 

Is it for a particular audience or to spread word about a cause? Once you've identified a purpose, you'll need to select a conceptual theme. Try choosing something that's not already on the market yet, so that your custom t-shirts can stand out against potential competitors. 

2. Keep Things Simple 

It's quite easy to get carried away when designing custom t-shirts. After all, you want to impress your customer base and potentially create clothing products that have mass appeal. It's important to remember, though, that sometimes simpler is better. Keeping your custom tees simple makes it less likely that your audience will confuse your message. They'll see a graphic or phrase that instantly resonates with them. 

Additionally, when you keep things simple when designing custom t-shirts, you won't have to spend as much money. This is particularly true when it comes to printing costs. Fewer shapes, graphics and colors mean extra savings for your clothing company -- which is important early on in its development.

3. Find the Right Printer 

The quality and aesthetics of your custom tees are highly dependent on the printer you work with. There are many factors to keep in mind when lining up a printing professional. For one, you want to make sure they have a lot of experience with screen printing t-shirts. The more familiar they are with these printing processes, the fewer complications they'll ultimately run into.

It's also important that the printer offers competitive rates for their services. Gather quotes from several different printers so you can see which professional offers services that work best for your budget. Finally, it's a good idea to sample some of the printer's work. Have them print you several graphic shirts. You can then get a better idea of the feel and look of their printing methods. 

Starting your own t-shirt company won't happen overnight. It will take time, money, and some trial and error. However, when you get the details down right with your t-shirts and work with the right professionals, you can propel your custom dri fit printing company forward and become successful. 

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