How To Get Ready For Trail Running In Cold Temperatures

If you live for trail running but are a little bit worried about the cold temperatures that are sneaking up on us, then you may think that you have to kiss your days of trail running goodbye. However, as long as you dress properly for the occasion, you should be able to hit the trails even when it's practically freezing outside. Just make sure that you invest in the proper clothing and gear so that it lasts and actually keeps you warm. This article will take a closer look at a few different things that you should invest in. Read on to learn more. 

Performance Long Sleeve Shirts

Having a base layer is one of the best ways to keep yourself warm when you are working out outside., but a regular t-shirt isn't breathable and will get drenched right away. Invest in performance long sleeve shirts because the fabric is usually moisture-wicking and doesn't get soaked. It's also breathable enough that you will be able to sweat as comfortably as possible. 

Good Shoes

the scary thing about doing trail running in cold temperatures is that if there is moisture in the air, it can freeze and make the ground really slippery. To avoid slipping while on the trail, make sure that you invest in some shoes that have a really thick tread on them. Remember that the thicker the tread that you have on your shoes, the more grip you will have on the mountain and the less likely you will be to get injured. If you plan on running in the snow, then you can also invest in some clips that you place over your shoes that dig into the ground to give you necessary traction. 


Typically leggings may be every mom's best friend, but running leggings or running tights are every runners' (male and females) best friend; especially in really cold temperatures. Running leggings are usually made of a performance material similar to performance shirts that are designed to help you breathe while still keeping you warm while you are running outside on the trails. When looking for leggings, make sure that they fit you tight enough because you don't want them to fit you loosely at all. 

Hitting the trails for winter running can seem like a miserable thing unless you have the proper clothing. Make sure that you invest in these three things before you hit the trails this winter. 

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