Shoeaholic? 3 Steps To Take To Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Fashion and environmental awareness often seem as though they are two contradicting passions. While you can always wear a T-shirt supporting your favorite cause, the relationship seems to end there. After all, clothing manufacturers are notorious for using natural resources to create their fashion lines. Today, however, shoe designers are recognizing the need for supporting sustainability, and you can reduce your environmental footprint by implementing these strategies before you fill your shoe rack.

Choose Eco-Friendly Companies

Shoe manufacturers are not all alike when it comes to reducing waste during the manufacturing process. Do your research before you buy shoes to make sure that the label you choose is one that cares about the environment. Companies that take steps to reduce energy usage, promote fair labor practices and give charitable donations to environmental causes are dedicated to reducing their impact upon the environment as they make your favorite styles of shoes.

Buy Repairable Styles

The concept of disposable shoes is ridiculously wasteful, and choosing shoes that can be repaired will ease the burden on the environment as well as your pocketbook. Once your feet have stopped growing, there is no reason to fill the landfill with old shoes when you can get them professionally repaired. Shoe repairs can be completed to fix separated soles, worn out leather and other defects that occur over time with wear. Since a quality pair of dress shoes is expensive, this is one service you can use to extend the longevity of your wardrobe while reducing the waste of natural resources.

Repurpose Old Pairs

Whether you decide you no longer like the style or your shoes just wear out beyond repair, you can continue to give them new life. For shoes that are still in good condition, have minor imperfections repaired, and give them to a local charitable organization. Many people need dress shoes for interviews and athletic shoes for their kids. Shoes that have reached the end of their life span may still have valuable materials that can be recycled, so check with your nearby recycling service and place them in your bin if they are accepted.

When shoes are your passion, it just makes sense to take steps to reduce your impact on the environment. By making the effort to preserve your shoes and choose eco-friendly styles, you can step out with confidence that you are doing your part to create a better world.

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