Repurpose An Old Fur Coat Into Something To Benefit Four-Legged Friends

If you have an old fur cape or coat hanging in your closet, now is the time to clear it out and do something good with it. These furs have numerous uses and can be repurposed in a variety of ways to benefit animals, pets, and four-legged friends. Before you throw these out or trade them in, consider recycling the coat in ways to help or pamper pets, whether they are your own or others.

Consider the following ways that your unwanted fur can help pets and animals:

Give to a wildlife rescue. A great way to make your old coat benefit four-legged friends is to donate the item to a wildlife rescue organization. These groups use pelts for baby animals, to comfort them and replicate the sensation of being near their mothers. Some groups, like PETA, donate excess fur coats to homeless shelters to keep people warm during cold winter weather.

Put together posh pet beds. An old fur coat makes the perfect blanket for your pet, but you can also use the pelts from the coat to create a posh bed for a pampered pet. You will need a needle that is large enough to sew through the thick pelt, and you will likely cut down the coat to remove the lining. Fill with a pillow form, recycled filling, or even shredded paper!

Create clever crafts. Use your unwanted fur coat to create some clever tchotchkes for your pets, such as toys, blankets, and even coats for these four-legged family members. Small pieces of pelt make a durable chew toy for dogs, and small squares are ideal for lining a cat bed.

Donate to an animal shelter. Contribute your coat to a local animal shelter and reward yourself with a deduction at tax time. Make sure to request a receipt for your fur to document the donation later. Shelters use these coats for baby animals and bedding, which can comfort displaced animals waiting to be adopted.

Don't let an old fur coat take up space in your closet or storage space; instead, consider repurposing this garment so that it benefits animals in some way. Whether you are going to cut the coat down to make a toy for your dog and a coat for your cat, or if you want to donate it to a worthy local organization, these furs can benefit animals in a variety of ways. Consider ways to recycle your unwanted fur coat that will not only help four-legged friends, but that will also make you feel good doing it. For more information on recycling these capes and coats, contact a local furrier (like A Furrier - David Appel Furs).

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