Mistakes You Are Making That Keep Your Clothing Dirty

If you take your clothes to the laundromat and discover that they do not come back as clean as you wanted them to, the problem might be the methods you are using to wash your clothes. While you may already know how to sort your laundry, there are less commonly known mistakes that can lead to worse laundry results and more work.

Separate Soiled and Less Soiled Fabrics

It is well known that you should separate lights and darks before doing your laundry. However, it is also a good idea to separate the more soiled and less soiled clothing. In particular, keep soiled fabrics away from more delicate fabrics that might become damaged when they come in contact with the soil that was on other pieces of clothing.

Do Not Rub a Stain Until It Is Gone

If you notice a stain, you may try to rub it until it is gone. However, doing so may actually make it more difficult to remove the stain, as rubbing can make the stain become more deeply absorbed into the fabric. Instead, it is better to gently wash the stain in an attempt to lift it up. However, you will need to treat the stain as soon as possible to maximize the chances that you will successfully remove it.

Do Not Use Too Much Detergent

Adding too much detergent to your laundry will actually lead to your clothes becoming less clean. When you use too much detergent, some areas of clothing are less likely to rinse clean. To avoid this problem, use half as much detergent as you would normally use. You will also save money by doing this. Only add more detergent if you are not getting the results you want. Do not place the detergent directly on your clothes either. You should add detergent to the washing machine first, then add water, and then, finally, you should add the clothes.

Wash Comforters and Pillows Twice

If you are washing comforters and pillows, you will need to use the laundromat's high-capacity machine. Then, you will need to wash these items twice to ensure that they come out clean enough. With the second washing, you will not add any detergent. The denseness of these items will cause detergent to become trapped, so washing twice while not adding detergent the second time will ensure that you get the detergent out.

You can make your life even easier by avoiding these mistakes. Take your clothing and bedding to a laundromat near you, such as South Street Laundromat, to try out these tips. 

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