3 Characteristics of LGBT Pride Bracelets

LGBT pride bracelets have long been a symbol of solidarity for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. These pride bracelets have grown in popularity along with other bracelets worn for cultural causes around the world. If you are looking to buy LGBT pride bracelets, look for the following universal characteristics:  

Rainbow Colors - LGBT price bracelets are most often created with an amalgam of bright rainbow colors to reflect the diversity of race, gender, and age of the members of the LBGT community. This is due to the popular LGBT six-stripe flag that consists of the colors of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red in the order they appear on the color wheel. Look for bracelets that are made of rainbow-colored woven leather, rainbow glass, rainbow gemstone beads, and rainbow-enameled charms.

Handmade Quality - One unifying consistency with most LGBT price bracelets is that they are made with a unique handmade quality to reflect the individuality of members of this diverse community. LGBT bracelets are often hand-woven of colored leather or made with unique, handmade beads. A handmade chain maille bracelet made of rainbow-colored precious or non-precious metal is another type of LGBT bracelet that is often available. These handmade qualities are not usually available in mass-produced jewelry.  

LGBT Symbols - Many LGBT pride bracelets will have a center bead or charm with one of the following symbols: 

  • Equal Sign—An equal sign symbolizes the separate but equal identity of LGBT members. 
  • Interlocking Gender Symbols—An interlocking male symbol with another male symbol or an interlocking female symbol with another female symbol also serves to identify LGBT members. 
  • The Word "Pride"—Many LGBT pride bracelets will have the word "PRIDE" engraved or etched on a central charm to identify the LGBT movement. 
  • Universal Transgender Symbol—This symbol combines the male and female symbols with a third symbol that is the combination of male and female together. The symbol is one circle with three distinct projections: male, female, and combined. 
  • Other Symbols—The universal symbols of hearts, flowers, butterflies, ribbons, and peace symbols are also often incorporated into LGBT pride bracelets along with individual alphabet beads and charms that can be worn as monograms. 

LGBT pride bracelets are as diverse as the members of the culture that they represent. These bracelets can be worn to further the LGBT cause of equality for all people in the world without regard to race, creed, gender, age, ethnicity and sexual preference. With a bit of careful searching, you can find a LGBT bracelet that reflects your taste and artistic sensibilities. 

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