The Benefits Of Cycling Jerseys For Performance

Bicycling can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding activities that you can do. For short, casual rides it doesn't really matter what kind of equipment or clothes you use but when you truly get into biking, you will start to learn that different equipment can make a big difference in how you perform. One important item in particular is the shirt that you decide to wear while riding. There are different kinds of shirts or cycling jerseys that you can wear that can be very beneficial to you. Below are some of the benefits that a good cycling jersey can provide you.

  1. Aerodynamic. When riding a bike, you want to make sure that there is as little wind resistance as possible. If you are wearing a normal shirt, it can flap in the wind and make it harder to pedal. As mentioned before, this may not be a big deal for a short ride, but as you go longer distances, you will want to conserve as much energy as possible. A cycling jersey will have a tighter fit so that it does not flap in the wind. A cycling jersey is also designed to not let air in through the neck as you lean forward. This prevents wind from entering inside the shirt and slowing you down, causing you to expend more energy.
  2. Comfort. Another important factor when going on long bicycle rides is making sure that you are comfortable. A good cycling jersey will provide an added measure of comfort so that you are able to enjoy the ride for longer periods of times. Cotton t-shirts can often become wet from sweat and begin to chafe and rub. Nylon or polyester jerseys are great for moisture control. These fabrics are great at keeping you cool and preventing your from chafing. Most cycling jerseys are also long enough so that they do not ride up and expose your lower back.
  3. Utility. A normal t-shirt usually does not have pockets or areas for you to hold things. Many cycling jerseys will come with rear pockets where you can put a phone, wallet, chap stick, energy bars or gels, and many other objects that you need to carry. Having a little extra space to carry these items can be very useful and can make the difference on a long and arduous ride.

These are just a couple of the reasons why using a cycling jersey instead of a regular t-shirt can make a huge difference in your performance.

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