Learn How To Properly Measure Your Body Before Ordering A Dress Online

If you plan to buy a dress from a trendy online boutique, it is important that you take the time to look at the measurement guide on the website before placing your order. Each designer has their own way that they choose to make dresses and none are exactly alike. Use the guide that follows to learn how to take proper measurements of your body to ensure that you buy a dress that will fit you well when you order it from the online boutique.

Gather the Proper Tools

Measuring tapes that are used for sewing are flexible so that they can be wrapped around your body and give you an accurate measurement for your body size. If you do not have a sewing measuring tape, you can simply use a piece of string and wrap it around each portion of your body to measure. You will then need to lay the string on a flat surface and use a traditional measuring tape to measure the length of the string. Be sure that you have a pen and a notepad handy so you can write down the measurements that you get.

Measure Your Bust

When measuring your bust, you want to be sure that the string wraps around your back to your chest. Be sure that the string is level from front to back and crosses your chest at the center. If you are taking measurements on your own, be sure to look in a mirror when taking the measurements to see if the front and back of the tape is even.

Measure your Waist

Your waist should be measured by wrapping the tape or string around your waist so that it crosses over your belly button. Again, the string or tape needs to be even all the way around your body. If it is too high or too low on your back, it will not give you an accurate measurement.

Measure Your Hips

Measuring your hips is often the part that is most tricky for many women. You do not want to measure below your bottom when measuring your hips. You need to measure across the middle of your rear end by wrapping the tape or string around to the front of your body. The string will be positioned very close to where your bikini line would start on the front of your body.

Once you have all of your measurements you can look at the measuring guide on the website to check to see if where your body fits on the size guide. This ensures the dress you order fits perfectly so that it feels comfortable and looks great when it arrives.

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