Charitable Living: How To Use The Local Commercial Laundromat To Help Those In Need

Clean laundry is more than just another chore to those who are struggling to get by. For some it is another expense they struggle to afford, and an embarrassment when they are unable to do so. Many people give food and personal care items to food pantries and shelters, but laundry needs are less often met. Even if detergent and bleach are available, the money to run the load may still not be. Washing and drying a load of laundry really is a simple thing when someone can afford it, so why not give a little time each week and spend a few dollars to help others feel more comfortable and a little more confidant.

Helping the Homeless

Talk to local commercial laundry owners about creating gift certificates that could be provided to homeless shelters, people on the street or passed out by the local school district to families in need. These would allow them to wash and dry a certain amount of loads and perhaps given with a bottle of laundry detergent. Or organize a free laundry day by initiating donations from local businesses, organizations and charities to reserve a day once a month at a laundromat that would allow people in need to come in and wash their clothing for free.

The Elderly or Disabled

Consider helping neighbors or relatives individually by offering to take over their weekly laundry needs. A healthy, able-bodied person will usually find that carrying a load of laundry is simple. For those who are older, or mobility challenged, it can be a struggle, particularly with a load of wet clothes. By doing their clothes outside of the home, it will save them time and trouble and also save them money on utility bills.

Daycare Facilities or Schools

Sometimes it is not always about money, but about time. Parents who want to get involved with their children's schools, but find it hard because they work during the day may find this give them the perfect opportunity to help out. Talk to school directors and daycare providers about their needs. Many will often have smocks used in art classes, athletic wear and towels and dishcloths used in the lunchroom that need to be washed. Arrange to pick up the items on Fridays to wash over the weekend at the laundromat and drop off again on Monday morning. Using the larger commercial machines at the laundromat will make it easier to get everything done quickly, even if more than one load needs to be done. 

Donating a few hours of time each week to do something simple like laundry can be a big benefit to busy people and those in a tough financial situation. Clean laundry is a need that is easy to take for granted, but it can make a huge difference to others. By working with others it may even be possible to help out the whole community in a small, but meaningful, way. 

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