4 Traits To Consider When Purchasing Nursing Shoes

If you are just starting a career as a nurse, what you put on your feet is incredibly important. You will be primarily on your feet for your entire shift, which can range anywhere from twelve to twenty-four hours if you are working in a hospital. Since you spend so much time on your feet, it is really important that you choose footwear that is workplace appropriate and comfortable. Here are the top four things you need to consider when purchasing the most comfortable nursing shoes.

#1 Dress Code

Before you even been your shoe shopping search, you need to contact your new employer and see what, if any, type of dress code requirements that they have concerning shoes. Your workplace may have specific styles of shoes that they allow their employees to wear, and may even have specific styles or types of shoes that they don't want you to wear to work. Additionally, many hospitals may ask that you wear shoes that are a specific color. A common color for nursing shoes is white.

#2 Grip

The next thing you want to look for when shopping for nursing shoes are shoes that grip well to the ground. When you are working, you may run into slippery and wet floors, and having shoes with good grip will keep you on your feet. 

When you shop for shoes, keep an eye out for shoes that are specifically labeled as "no-slip" shoes; these are the types of shoes that you want to purchase.

You should also inspect the bottom of any shoe you try on. Shoes with rubber soles tend to grip well, as do shoes with ridged or textured soles. Many athletic shoes designed for running outside can provide you with a good grip. 

#3 Adequate Protection

Next, you need to look for shoes that are going to provide you with adequate protection. As a nurse, there is a good chance that objects could fall on your feet, or that liquids such as body fluids or even chemicals could get spilled on you. Due to the occupational hazards of the job, you should make sure any shoes that you purchase for work more than cover up your feet. 

Stay away from open-toed shoes and from shoes that have even small openings on them. Stick to shoes that fully cover your feet and have good grips, like a nice pair of running shoes. 

#4 Supportive Fit

Finally, you want to make sure that the shoes you purchase have a supportive fit to them. Your toes should not be right up against the top of the shoe; shoes that are too tight will not allow the blood to circulate properly in your feet and will cause you discomfort.

Your shoes should also not be so loose that your foot moves back and forth on your heel slips around the back of your shoe. You don't want your shoes to come off when you are walking quickly to a patient.

Ideally, when you put on your shoes, you should have room to wiggle your toes around a bit and your heel should not slip when you walk in them. 

You also need to make sure that your have good arch support. Any shoes you purchase should be designed for the type of arches that you have. If your shoes have incorrect arch support, your feet will start to feel uncomfortable long before your shift is over.

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If you are starting your first nursing job, make sure you know about your new employer's dress code before you go shopping for shoes. From there, make sure any shoes you purchase provide good traction, completely protect your feet and are comfortable. Athletic shoes tend to fit all of these characteristics. 

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