From Frumpy To Fabulous: Giving Your Wardrobe A Makeover Following Your Weight Loss Success

Successfully losing weight is a huge accomplishment for any woman. However, does your wardrobe reflect the new you or are you still hiding behind baggy sweatshirts and sweatpants? If you have put off buying new clothing, because you didn't want to purchase it in a larger size, you might be left with worn clothing that looks frumpy and outdated, despite your weight loss success story.

Giving your wardrobe a makeover is the perfect way to celebrate the new you. Why settle for the frumpy look when you can look fabulous? Plan a shopping trip to the mall and check out all of the women's clothing stores like Granger Owings Classic Clothiers to see what's trending in fashion and to replace your outdated clothing.

Get fitted

Have your measurements taken at a women's clothing store to determine what size range you are in since your weight loss. You should also request a bra fitting. A bra that fits the way it should fit can change your entire appearance. It often takes a little time for your mind to catch up with your body. That is why a fitting is important for determining proper clothing sizes.

Get bold

No more hiding behind dull and boring colors. With a slimmer body, you can pull off horizontal stripes or checks like a champ. You no longer have to bypass bold designs or bright colors.

Neutral colors will always have a place in your wardrobe, but don't be afraid to experiment with different colors to see what looks best on you. You may find that you look fantastic in orange or bright green.

Watch your waist

While elastic waistlines have their place in exercise gear and lounge wear, it's best to choose dress pants and jeans with a fitted waistline. A fitted waistline holds its shape and lets you show off your shape better than elastic.

Pants with elastic waistlines can appear baggy. Some successful dieters prefer fitted waistlines. Their theory is that a fitted waistline will let you know if those old pounds start to creep back on again. A snug waistband can motivate you to watch your calories.

Don't forget the shoes and accessories

If you haven't worn high heels for years, now is the time to give them a try. Having fewer pounds on your body often makes it easier to walk in heels. Knee-high boots are a great way to show off your slimmer legs. They look great with anything from dresses to skinny jeans.

Grab a few belts in a variety of colors to show off your slimmer body. Scarves look fabulous with nearly any outfit. Choose several in designs and colors you love. Scarves are one of the most exciting fashion accessories. A scarf can change the entire look of an outfit in seconds.

You've achieved your weight loss success, and now it's time to show off that success by giving your wardrobe a makeover. After you visit a few of your favorite women's clothing stores, you will have a wardrobe fit to show off the new and fabulous you.

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