Opening A Clothing Shop For Every Size? 3 Reasons To Purchase Wholesale Clothing Made In The USA

If you are opening an online or brick-and-mortar shop to provide clothing to women of every shape and size, then you are entering a hot market. While there are numerous clothing shops that cater to women of smaller sizes, many don't provide plus-sized clothing or provide a very limited selection of these larger sizes. With two-thirds of the American population being overweight or obese, there is a need for larger, stylish clothing for plus-sized women and men. It is best to purchase wholesale clothing made in the USA to resell at your shop, and here are three reasons why. 

1. Sizing That is Accurate for the American Population

If you purchase wholesale clothing made in China or another country overseas, then you will quickly realize that sizes vary depending on the country you order from, and when ordering from a country where most people are very petite, their adult size large may end up having the measurements of what is sold as a size small or even a child's size in the US. 

While you should still check the measurements of clothing you order, you don't have to worry as much about choosing the correct sizes when ordering from an American supplier. When you order a size, it will typically have the measurements you expect that size to have. 

2. You Can Reorder Hot Sellers Quickly and Affordably

When just opening your shop, the long wait time to have items shipped from overseas may not bother you too much because you are just building your inventory and starting to get a few sales. However, as your shop takes off and becomes more popular, you will want to restock quickly and not have to wait months for that new clothing from overseas, especially if you have people requesting a specific item that you know will sell quickly as soon as you receive new supply. 

Packages from overseas just take a long time to ship to the US, and there is really no way to speed the process up without paying outrageous prices for expedited shipping that costs so much it may eat up any profit you finally get from the sales. 

Orders from overseas first have to be shipped out by your supplier. Then, they are inspected by the home country customs before leaving the country. They then have a lengthy trip to take overseas where they finally end up at a US customs hub. Packages can sit in US customs for weeks until a customs agent finally gives it an "all clear" to be shipped to the final destination. This entire process can take months at times. 

When ordering from a US supplier, the package is shipped and you can receive it in just days for a reasonable shipping price. 

3. You Can Proudly Display a "Made in the USA" Label

With so many large companies outsourcing production to foreign countries, it can be difficult for people who want to support the US economy to find products made in the US. There are many people who seek these items exclusively and will even pay a higher price-tag for American-made items. 

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